Election 2021

 Our Plan

1.    Supporting our local shops, farmers and businesses

2.    Fixing more roads and pavements

3.    Keeping our schools Good and Outstanding

4.    Supporting the fight against rural crime and anti-social behaviour

5.    Protecting our local environment and public spaces

6.    Encouraging job creation, especially for young people 

Warren, Howard and Ade
Your Buckingham East Team: Warren, Howard and Ade

Your Priority is Our Priority

We will make it our priority is to protect our cherished countryside and daily rural life. That’s why we’re committed to:

Championing our environment 

We care about our countryside, wildlife and preserving our villages. We will ensure the new council has ambitious biodiversity and carbon reduction targets plus an extensive tree planting programme. Your Buckingham team is working actively with the Environment Agency and Buckinghamshire Council to improve the flood protection and resilience for residents affected over Christmas. 

Sustainable development

Local Plans are already ambitious. But because of pressure on natural resources, public services and local infrastructure, we refuse to take more than our fair share. We will push back on accelerated growth that is not included in our local plans.

Improving our roads 

An additional £5 million has been allocated by the Conservative-led council to sort out potholes across the county and what’s more the Conservative council is doubling the budget to clear gullies to help prevent excess water on our roads. Rural roads have taken a beating this winter and we’ll petition directly on your behalf to ensure extra funding is spent here. 

Keeping Buckingham Thriving

We will champion our local economy as we emerge from the lockdown restrictions, including keeping Buckingham as a thriving market town.

We also look forward to working with the local community and the Town Council to deliver the exciting plans for Buckingham town centre.

Giving Residents a Voice

We all live locally and have strong roots in the area; we commit to listening to your views and concerns. All three of us are experienced campaigners and, together with our local MP Greg Smith and community organisations, we will ensure your voice is heard.

Opposing the Expressway and mitigating HS2 

We join together with our local MP and community organisations, to ensure your voice is heard as we vigorously oppose the Expressway and HS2. News Flash: As of 18 March, we are delighted to learn that our campaigning has paid off and the Expressway is now cancelled. Find out more here: www.gregsmith.co.uk/expresswaycancelled